The international forum “Partnership for better social services, employment and development”, held on 13-14 June, gathered in the Golden Sands resort near Varna many representatives of state institutions and municipalities engaged in social activities and services, regional labor offices, suppliers, non-governmental organizations, employers and universities across the country.

Organizers were the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the European Association of Service Providers for People with Disabilities, the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria, the National Alliance for Social Responsibility and the Municipality of Varna.

The event was another opportunity for UBBSLA team to create many contacts with institutions that would help to implement the project “eNEET Rural: Facilitating entrepreneurship and improving skills of NEETs living in rural areas”. eNEET printing materials were distributed to all interested party.

During the event, the Municipality of Varna received a prize for active socially responsible policies and a comprehensive contribution to the social development of Bulgaria. At present, the Municipality of Varna has implemented 59 social services with municipal and state funding. For the last 6 months the Municipality of Varna has signed contracts for 3 new social projects under OP “Regions in Growth” and “Development of Human Services”.