Because of the international outbreak of the COVID-19, Association CPDIS transferred eNEET Rural on-the-spot trainings to face-to-face webinars in Romania. During the period 20-22 January 2021, CPDIS conducted a webinar on agro-professional competences, involving 18 NEETs interested in the agricultural business and the start-up competition.

The NEETs who attend the webinar were between 18 and 29 years old, highly educated – 23% of them have finished University and/or Master and 77% have finished high-school, and some consider attending university. They are interested in opening their own start-up in the agricultural field and/or their parents already have some form of agricultural land.

Thanks to the partnership agreements signed with “Asociatia pentru Incluziune si Dezvoltare Sociala Gorj” and “Asociatia Sociala a Lucratorilor de Tineret”, CPDIS received support from both stakeholders in planning and logistics of the webinar and reaching the young unemployed people from Romania.

The training included leadership, business concepts, business environment, business plan and CANVAS business model. During the webinar participants have created 4 business plans based on their ideas and with the help of brainstorming, teamwork and feedback from organizers and other participants. All participants received Certificate of attendance at the end of the training.

Here, we have collected some feedback from NEETs attended the webinar:

Thanks to the course I learned how to develop a business plan which is very important if you have in your future plans the intention to open a business.”

The points to be reached in compiling a business plan.”

I learned a lot of useful things to set up my own business.”

What steps should be followed to be closer to opening a business

Like anyone can create something great if they trust themselves.”.


eNEET Rural soft-skills & Agro-professional skills  can be accessed anytime online on the ICT Collaborative platform www.eneet-elearning.eu