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During the period 20.09.2021-21.09.2021, the project partners, national stakeholders and NEETs have the opportunity to meet and collaborate in person in Budapest. The international event, hosted by our Hungarian partner (FRUTO) started with consortium meeting in the S4 Net Social Centre (S4 Háló Közösségi Központ) and the 3rd Brokerage event in parallel sessions. While project partners discussed the project indicators achieved during last 6 months of the eNEET Rural project implementation and how to ensure the sustainability of results and to capitalize the project, the Brokerage event involved many interested parties from partner’s countries in fruitful talks about agriculture and rural areas, young unemployed people and their role in rural life, also some stakeholders presented their work and experience.

The afternoon session on 20th of September continued with the long-awaited international start-up competition. 18 young, ambitious and future entrepreneurs from Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Romania and Hungary, selected as winners on national level, took part in the competition. Pitching their agro-business ideas in front of our international jury, we had impressive presentations, a lot of interesting activities and business opportunities solving rural problems with innovation technologies. Some memorable shots from the eNEET Rural International Start-up competition:

After a vote and a full unanimous decision, the Jury announced the three best business plans among 18 selected to participate on international level. They are very ecologic, trendy topics, urban agricultural, very defined products and the have good potential on the market according to the jury members:

1st place winner: # Yumento from Slovenia

2nd place winner: #UrbanFarmer from Bulgaria

3rd place winners: # Life Village Holistic Farm from Hungary

Yumento is healthy, hypoallergenic, insect based dog food, that combines insect protein with plant based ingredients in a sustainable way. Dog allergies are most commonly triggered by meat, fish and soy protein, causing a lot of digestive and joint health problems. Dogs tend to be less healthy because of huge use of antibiotics, excessive salt and additives. Hypoallergenic premium dog food on the market is also expensive. Yumento recipe provides hypoallergenic dog food with highly nutritious composition of dog food, making it more nutritious than raw steak or chicken without added additives, antibiotics or excessive salt. Instead of traditional proteins, Yumentos main protein is insect protein made out of Black Soldier Fly insects (BSF). Insects BSF nutritional value is the same as fish, meat and soy combined, making Yumento extremely healthy.

UrbanFarmer is modular farming system for growing plants in the urban environment. The goal of our start-up is to create an innovative modular system (lego based) that will enable people living in cities to grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, etc. on their private terraces”, sad UrbanFarmer winners

Hungarian winner shared that “A two fold farm for welcoming people and produce bio productions. From just a few days for retreat, excursion, workshop, camp, team building, training to larger events like weddings, the site. Its uniqueness is given by holistic agriculture, where production and processing in harmony with nature; cattle and poultry with dynamic grazing, agro-forestry systems where mushrooms production is also take place. In addition, research, education and other social activities are also important in everyday life

The two days international event in Hungary ended with farmer’s visits in countryside. National stakeholders and NEETs had the opportunity to meet in person the owners of the family managed eco apple farm in Ipolydamásd and the Malomkert Ökoturisztikai Központ (center for eco-tourism), located in Szob.