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On 30 March 2019 at 9.30 am in the Sala delle Capriate in Mantova, the conference “The faces of the youth condition in Mantua” was held, the first of a series of events open to the community’s contribution to the themes of the enhancement of the territory, of work, of democracy and the sharing of knowledge.

The conference was promoted by the “Laboratory of Civilization” in collaboration with the Diocese of Mantova.

The “Laboratory” stems from the common need of organizations operating in the socio-economic and cultural context of the Mantua area – such as Acli Mantova, Cisl Asse del Po, Confcooperative Mantova, Confartigianato Mantova, Confcommercio Mantova, Coldiretti Mantova – to build a network of relationships able to stimulate and support the community and especially young people in building a sustainable and inclusive future.

During the conference, Caritas of Mantua presented the results of some studies conducted on young people and neets in the Mantua area.

Our intervention, representing Confcooperative and Solco Mantova, has focused the spotlight on how the social fabric – both public and private – of the Mantuan territory is preparing responses to the challenges and risk factors that make it increasingly difficult for young people to access to the labor market and the
achievement of real and tangible autonomy.

During this important event, and by virtue of the topics dealt with – so close to the project – it was presented to the audience – among which many young people were present – “eNEET Rural” the project that involving the Com as the Italian partner : a strong testimony of the efforts and commitment of different relevant actors for the Mantua culture and economy – to work “WITH YOUNG PEOPLE” and no longer just “for young people” aimed at enhancing networks and actions in support of innovative interventions and policies capable of intercepting and satisfying the needs of young people and territory.

link: http://www.mantova.confcooperative.it/INFO-E-COMUNICAZIONE/LE-NOTIZIE/acat/2/date/30-3-2019