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Soft-skills on-the-spot training course was implemented on 27-28 January 2020 at Informagiovani “Suzzara” , Italy. All together 15 NEETs attended the course.

The co-organiser of the course was “INFORMAGIOVANI” which is a public service that:

-provides young generations with information support and guidance interventions that allow them

to make appropriate and informed choices regarding the future;

– promotes information, orientation and participation through an integrated multi-channel

communication plan aimed at the cultural growth of new generations.


The training agenda was formulated as follows:

– 27 of January, 9-13 (4 hours dedicated to general and specific topics presentation, practical exercises and group discussion with the trainer)

– 28 of January, 9-13 (4 hours dedicated to specific topics, practical exercises and group discussion with the trainer)


According to the profile of the NEETs they were high skilled NEETs (a part of them are involved in a national program called “Servizio Civile” in wich they spend one year working for the community). Many of them have a secondary school diploma. Just one of them has a professional certificate.

On the 1° day of the course the trainer gave a general overview of what soft skills are, making a rundown of the main ones by macro areas starting from what they think are important and helping them to ‘enrich’ the list. Then, the participants did a short personal balance on these skills and – based on the time left – the trainer has deepen its, also through classroom games.


On the 2° day of the course: the trainer gave an introduction of the communication and leadership topics,

– fundamental notions about communication

– communication in working places

– leadership and leadership styles


The overall  participation has been very active. The trainees are very satisfied with the quality of materials and conduction of this training (the participant appreciate especially the dialogic way of presentation)

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