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The Mayors of Aksakovo, Devnya and Beloslav municipalities officially supported the implementation of eNEET Rural project by signing national cooperation agreements with UBBSLA. By signing the official documents, the rural municipalities agreed, in terms of lasting partnership and mutually beneficial cooperation, to support the work of Bulgarian partner with young people focusing on low-skilled NEETs up to 29 years living in rural areas. In addition to the three administrative structures, UBBSLA managed to attract as a social partner the local business in the field of agriculture by signing agreements with two agro-holding companies: one in the field of agriculture, production and trade in agricultural products and wine production (“Marvin” Ltd.), and the other one working in the field of park development, ​​aestheticization of the landscape, production and trade in planting materials (“Gardens” Ltd.).

Since eNEET Rural project launch in October 2018 till now, the specialized training materials and the ICT collaborative platform have been developed, where the online trainings are available now (www.eneet-elearning.eu)  fully adapted and translated into Bulgarian language. Two on-the-spot trainings involving 41 unemployed Bulgarian youths from rural municipalities were conducted before the COVID-19 pandemic. UBBSLA intends to organize a series of on-the-spot Soft-skills trainings (with a focus on basic CV preparation skills, participation in a job interview, communication skills, etc.) and Agro-professional trainings (with a focus on innovation and technology in the agricultural sector) by the end of the project, September 2021. More information on the enrollment procedure and how to apply for the courses can be found here: www.ubbsla.org/eneet-cources

A number of activities are yet to be carried out in support of the NEETs trained in the project, such as a mentoring program in a local agrobusiness company / farm, an international Start-up competition for youths, study visits and  exchanges, etc.