eNEET Rural partners, together with our expertise partner, Inclusion AS from Norway attended the 2nd Annual Thematic Seminar for Active Youth projects under EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment. Due to the current travel restrictions the event was organised on a virtual platform and  streamed via Youth Employment Mag Facebook profile.

Conducted on 15th of December, the Annual seminar “Transnational Cooperation: Sharing our Strengths and Resources”, attracted more than 100 participants and provided an opportunity for the project partners (lead and beneficiary partners, expertise organization from donor countries and stakeholders) to get together and strengthen their sense of community through common learning. As 2020 was a challenging year and all project consortiums faced difficulties, delays, changes of plans and multiple other obstacles stemming from the global pandemic, the event gave a floor to all to sum the year up, focusing on transnational cooperation and recognizing the expertise partners, who support the implementation of Active Youth Projects with experience, advice and guidance.

The 2nd Annual thematic seminar of Active Youth Projects was opened by Mr. Gian Luca Bombarda, Fund Director and welcome speech and greetings were given by Mrs. Rannveig Skofteland, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mr. Frode Dal Fjeldavli, Head of the Funds and Horizontal Concerns Unit.

Mrs. Grethe Haugoy, Senior Sector Officer, the Financial Mechanism Office, presented the key findings of the external monitoring report ‘How is the transnational element implemented in projects under the Regional Funds, and what is its added value?’

On behalf of the expertise partners, Jan Evensen, FØNIX AS, Robert Elston, Status Employment and Eva Fabry, European Centre for Women and Technology shared their experience with the projects, lessons learnt, etc.

The update version of the Baseline Study on youth employment in the 15+3 EU beneficiary countries of the EEA and Norway grants Fund for Youth Employment during covid-19 challenges with the contributions from “active youth’ projects partners was presented and can be downloaded here: https://youthemploymentmag.net/archive/