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  • Vaslaban Istvan, 28 years old from Balan, Harghita county

Through eNEET Rural project I’ve got the oportunity to participate in online sessions about entrepreneurship that made me think more and more to become one and put some of my ideas “out on the table” to hear other people’s reaction and feedback on them, also after the project Ive become a student in Oradea, in the field of sociology. On my professional developement it had a great impact, since I’m working as a facilitator on Erasmus+ projects I’ve got a better understanding on entrepreneurhip. The idea that I have is making a camp out of old wood houses that will be taken to parts, restaurated and then put back together on a field where the campo will be. These Houses will provide accomodation for participants and tourists. In this camp we will make team building activities for companies as well as provide activities for turists who will want to have a break of the stressfull life of a big city and/or work”.

  • Dumitru Alexandra, 20 years old from Bucu, Ialomita county

Within the eNEET project I participated in the course for the development of agro-professional skills, after which I obtained a participation certificate. This project had a pretty important impact on my personal development. Thanks to the members of the CPDIS association who were very kind, I managed to develop my ability to speak in public, to support my point of view and to work in a team. Talking about my professional development, I can’t say that a lot of things have changed. A very important aspect is that I learned how to draw up a business plan, which is a good start. I found out about this project from the Facebook page of the CPDIS association and it seemed like a good opportunity to develop my entrepreneurial skills and to fulfill my desire to set up my own company.  The business idea includes growing raspberries and blackberries, because I noticed that these crops are not present in my area.  I decided that the fruits should be 100% organic, because they taste much better and are much healthier.  I thought of cultivating them in solar, on an organic fertilized soil, with natural fertilizer from the nearby farms.  To hydrate the plants, I will use a drip irrigation system. In the future, I intend to expand my business and open a branch to make finish products, such as jam, syrup and natural juice.”

  • Vieriu Diana, 27 years old from Bucharest:

In 2020, I’ve got enrolled in different activities under the eNEET Rural project, organized by CPDIS Association from Romania. I am very happy that I had this opportunity to be part for this amazing project because during this project I received everything that was necessary to embrace my own business, like mentoring and coaching for the development of personal business both at the meetings in Romania and also online and by phone, whenever was necessary. I participated also in agro-professional webinars and software skills development, receiving very useful information and there was always an open communication between participants and organizers. I participated to the International start-up competition in Budapest. When I started this project I had another project idea, because I wanted something more impactful, something newer and more innovative (Suspended cultivation gardens) but not being my field I encountered a lot of technical problems, every time there were new questions (how can i make this real, what are the real costs?, etc). The moment that helped me the most to see the true potential I have in developing an agro business was the meeting in Romania on the Mentoring Service where I met a family who have an agro-tourist boarding house and made only from the things they owned and managed to develop a very beautiful and successful family business. After this meeting I realized that I can also develop a family business with what I already had, more precisely with bee honey.

Bee honey is one of the healthiest foods and is recognized for the many benefits it brings to the body. I had a discussion with my parents who own the hives and they agreed to develop this small business. This project helped me to develop myself in at the personal and professional level.

In terms of my personal development, this project helped me
– to meet new people
– to increase my confidence
– to develop my spirit of initiative
– to relate more with the business environment
– to develop my civic participation.

The biggest impact from a professional point of view was understanding and creating a business plan  “FarmaHoney” as well as the opportunity to develop a business.

 I want to thank again to the project team for giving to all the participants this unforgettable experience and for making us to believe more in our dream and helping to making them real”.