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Bucovina Institute organised their third webinar entitled „Let’s NEET together!”  – an online event to share innovative approaches on supporting the inclusion of the NEETs on the labor market, organised within the 058 – SEPAL Project (Supporting Employment Platform through Apprenticeship Learning), on the 6th of May 2021,  which was attended by our project. Among the following speakers, Mrs Patricia Merei, our communication manager introduced eNEET Rural and exchanged thoughts about the implementation of similar projects addressing NEETs:
  • Myrto Skouroupathi from Cyprus Energy Agency (Cyprus) – 203 – Yenesis – YOUTH EMPLOYMENT NETWORK FOR ENERGY SUSTAINABILITY IN ISLANDS;
  • Jorge Gimeno, Center for Innovative Education (Poland) – 192 – From Outdoors to Labour Market;
  • Patrícia Mérei, Fruto Consultancy Ltd. (Hungary) – 315 – eNEET Rural Facilitating entrepreneurship and improving skills of NEETs living in rural areas;
  • Karol Madoń, Institute for Structural Research (Poland) – 008 – Youth employment partnership – evaluation studies in Spain, Hungary, Italy and Poland;
  • Mihaela Angelova, Association „SPOC”  (Bulgaria) – 086 – L.I.K.E. – Life Investment is the Key to Employment;
  • Marton Illes, Autonomia Foundation (Hungary) – 027 – Find your way to the world of work.

The webinar was a great success by reaching a number of 61 unique participants and a total of 80 participants which entered the online event, coming from 11 countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Spain) from at least 54 institutions/ organisations (31 educational institutions from Romania – Universities, High-Schools, Middle-Schools and School Inspectorates and other 23 from our country and other countries around Europe, mentioned above – NGOs, Networks, Universities, Social Cooperatives, Foundations, etc.).

Until the present moment, during this serie of webinars entitled „Let‘s NEET together!” 15 projects funded by EEA and Norway Grants through the Fund for Youth Employment shared their best practices. Apart from the six ones mentioned above, another nine participated in the first two online events which took place on the 16th of November 2020 and on the 9th of March 2021, namely the following: 058 – SEPAL, 414 – CODE, 134 – DARE, 277 – Mommypreneurs, 351 – SOCIALNEET, 083 – NEETs in Entrepreneurship, 455 – LEAD, 152 – EYTP and 053 – RAISE Youth.

The entire webinar can be seen by accessing the following Facebook link: https://fb.watch/5jBvCHAbzs/ . For further events and their details:

SEPAL Project’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/projectSEPAL

In addition, we would like to give special thanks to the speakers for bringing their expertise and experience and engaging in such fruitful, constructive and open exchanges regarding their work with the NEETs.